The stories BEHIND graphs

Our Goal: To hunt for intriguing graphs that teach us something about our world and find out their hidden stories.

Check these graphs out! What do you think about the topics, formats and sources of information?

International Acceptance of Evolution
Who We Are - TIME magazine
International Voter Turnout
Growth of World's Millionaires
Happiness on the Job - TIME Magazine
Commuting - TIME
Number of McDonalds around the world
Why does a salad cost more than a big mac?
What Americans Spend on Food

Now find a graph that catches your eye, post it here and then analyze it.

Miss Smith - Changes in area of sea ice on Earth
Miss Smith's Analysis

Topher- old traford graph
Topher's Analysis

Walter -Cool graph URL
Walter's Analysis

Interesting Climate GraphThese are more cool climate graphs

Morgan-Lucky Charms Shapes
Morgan's Analisis

Sarah!- Time spent eating an orange (scroll halfway down page.)
Ben - Screen_shot_2010-10-14_at_1.18.41_PM.png
Ben's Graph Analysis

Tips on Analysis of graphic information:
Analyzing "What We Spend on Food"
Rules for making charts & graphs

Our reflections:
  • What do you have to understand about the structure of graphs in order to satirize them?
You need to know how to make the scale to prove a point or make it funny. You also need to give enough information in labeling and titling.
  • What questions do you have about our graphs?
Maybe some about who made them, to try and see if they are reliable.
  • What questions do you have about inventive ways graphs could be used?
I wonder if you could form a graph so that it mislead the viewer, so it could be a good technique to make other people believe what you are saying.

Then we gave it a try. Here is an original, satirical graph created by Ben & Topher:

Screen_shot_2010-12-02_at_1.32.51_PM.pngBy Ben and Topher