We're planning a journey around the world that starts and end here in Yarmouth, Maine! We're calling it the GREAT WORLD EXPEDITION!

Our goals:
  • To learn about cultures and countries around the world - How are they like our culture & country? How are they different?
  • To develop an equation that will help us use our distance traveled and speed to calculate the length of each trip

Check out the rubric for our project here:

  • Are there any countries that produce LONG snorkels?
  • Where could you find ice cream that tastes like a rose smells in France (Paris) - how do they make this?
  • What kind of music is popular in Ireland and France?
  • What kind of food do they eat in Ireland?
  • Where do the most friendly food fights take place?
  • What jobs to people have in Australia?
  • What foods to people eat during special celebrations in the Middle East?
  • What wild animals are native to Australia?
  • What domestic animals do Australians keep as pets?
  • What animals are domestic in some countries, but food in other countries?
  • What types of technology do other cultures have? China? Japan?
  • What countries are most affected by frequent natural disasters?
  • What water sports are popular in other countries?
  • What is the defense/offensive weaponry like around the world?
  • What countries have the best bakeries?
  • Where is the best bakery (top rated/most successful) in each country I'm going to visit?

Take a look at the Action Steps at the bottom of the document to get started.

Make sure you: record all of your stops, calculations and other work on your page by typing it in or linking documents to your page.

Inquiry tips:
I have books and Atlases in the room for you to browse through so you can find interesting sites to visit and things to do on your trip. You can also check the Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Bureau for the areas you're visiting to find out what is available to see and do.

Wonderings & Reflections from presentations:
  • What is the story behind the street cars in Lisbon? How long have they been in use?
  • Chris: if I could do add to my project, I'd go to the United Arab Emirates because it's small, has man-made islands, and I remembered it from the World Cultures project