If I could be an apprentice to anybody I would learn the trade of engineering spacecraft. I would job shadow a NASA engineer and learn about the process of learning the percision and science of the space age that we live in today. This would be cool because outer space is considered the "last frontier" and it would be exciting to get into this field of human exploration.

Miss Smith's Response: Have you checked out the NASA website lately? They have a few things about careers at NASA at:
NASA Careers
Plus there are plenty of other neat articles and resources about the latest happenings at NASA. I also found a page on their site about competitions and internships for high school and college kids just to give you an idea of how you could pursue this interest in the future:
NASA opportunities

I visited the NASA Careers and NASA oppurtunities websites. Some of the especially interesting careers included computer engineering, aerospace engineering (although I'd rather not go to a Test Pilot school first), and astrophysics. Several specific people on these pages got to do interesting things from designing robots, computers and shuttles, to cruising around the Canadian Arctic in a Mars Land Rover.

Three questions I might ask Dr. Kelly Snook, Aerospace Engineer, Planetary Scientist, and Project Manager at NASA:

1. What is most challenging about your job?
2. How much paperwork do you have to do?
3. What skills do you need for this job?
4. How much education did you need for this job?

#2, 3 and 4 are very practical questions - good to know and I like #1 because it could really give you insight into the job

For my project I'm going to take a tour of the world, stopping at hot culture spots, monuments, and big cities

List and save all of your stops on your page.

Suggestion from another student: You can use this link to plan your trip. World Trip Planer

Here is the itenerary for my trip so far:

From: Boston- Philidelphia- Santo Domingo
Cost: $405 (first class)
Method of Travel: Airplane via American Airlines

From: Santo Domingo- Harwich England
Cost: $1,400 (deluxe suite)
Method of Travel: Boat via Royal Caribbean Cruise

From: Lisbon, Portugal- Venice Italy
Cost: $13,110 (five star suite)
Method of Travel: Boat via Crystal Cruises