The Kite & Glider Challenge
Can you design your own kite or glider that will allow Kermit to take flight?

  • First, we went on a Knowledge Quest to collect as much information as we can about kites and gliders. How do they work? What are the essential parts? When were the invented? How have they been used through time? What types exist and for what purposes?
  • Next, we designed our flying devices - a kite, glider or mix of the two! What shape and features do I need to create something that will stay in flight? What do I need to modify so that my kite/glider can get Kermit off the ground?
  • We collected everyday materials and started constructing!!!
Chris and Andrei designed a traditional kite, but with two cylinders on the underside for additional lift. They included a small cylinder to hold Kermit.

Ben designed a cylindrical kite like Swiss Cheese with a wrist loop for Kermit.


Isabel designed a parachute-like kite on a flexible pole. Her creation was the only one that was able to support Kermit in flight!
  • Once we built, tested and modified our flying creations, then we conducted the final flight.
NOTE: The videos of our flight are too big to embed here, so stay tuned!