YES Pattern Scavenger HuntCan YOU find patterns hidden in plain sight?!

Last year, the fourth grade Think Lab group dug into an intense study of patterns. We spent our time defining, discussing, exploring, analyzing and categorizing patterns and now we are ready to express our learning by creating this exciting pattern scavenger hunt at school and beyond! We invite all students, teachers and families to participate in this hunt by learning about patterns from the information below and then hunting for examples in and around our school, at home and in the community. When you find an example of a certain type of pattern, then take a picture of it and post it on the page of this wiki called YES PATTERN SCAVENGER HUNT (see instructions below). Let's see who can find undiscovered patterns hidden in plain sight!!

CONNECT - What is a pattern? What do you know about patterns? Where have you seen patterns before?

WONDER - What questions do you have about patterns?
INVESTIGATE - What materials and resources can we use to learn about patterns? What questions can we ask ourselves and each other as we learn?
  • What categories of patterns do we recognize as we investigate?
  • What categories of patterns do we see in the world around us?
  • How do patterns in living things help them survive?
  • What questions can we ask as we evaluate images and objects to see if they are patterns?

Here are examples of different types of patterns


How can we share our learning with others in a fun and interactive way?
We decided to create this scavenger hunt!

What do we want to teach others about patterns?

  1. Post your picture on the Google Doc. All pictures should be original and taken by you, so please do not post any pictures from the internet that were taken by someone else.
  2. Write your first name, last initial, your class code (if hunting in school) and the type of pattern underneath the picture.
  3. Please respect others' work by not deleting pictures or information from others' postings.