Our town gets a facelift
Our task: To identify areas of Yarmouth that need a fresh eye and design detailed scale drawings of the proposed transformations.

Our Process:
  1. check out some of the work done by the Yarmouth town engineer and his staff to prepare for proposed projects in our town (see photos and scale drawings) - what are the components of these scale drawings?
  2. use Google Earth to fly over the town and identify areas you're interested in redesigning - what open space or building needs a face lift?
  1. survey the selected area using Google Earth, photographs, maps, books....to create an existing scaled drawing - what are the components of a map? what details do you need to include to make this map realistic and useful?
Find the area of your space/structure:
Walter: Side Lengths: Aprox. 90 x 135 meters - area is
Topher: 90 meters, 60 meters area, 5400 meters square.
Sarah: Side lengths: 227 yrds by 352 yrds Area: 80, 291 sq. yards
Ben: 30 meters across, 3 meters wide, 90 square meters area
Morgan: 120 meters long, 30 meters wide, 3600 square meters
Lucy: 360 meters long, 240 meters wide, 86,400 square meters
Karl: 35 meters long, 20 meters wide, 700 square meters
  1. Brainstorm the changes and new features you'd like to add - how will your ideas improve this area? how will you incorporate these ideas into a your new drawing?

Ben: I am designing a zip-line that will go across the royal river. It will be right next to the bridge on the walking path near the Rowe School. There will be two zip-lines, each one angled to go to the other side. That way you can go back and forth, and one person can go one way and another can go the opposite at the same time.
Walter: I will design a recess extravaganza, also ensuring that 7th and 8th graders will get their deserved recess time. It will have many attractions, including a pool (freeze into skating rink in winter), trampoline, a basketball court and a soccer field (astro-turf), ropes course, dance floor, quiet zone (garden), paint ball arena, ultra jungle gym.
Sarah: I'm designing a park, with a plaza and fountain, and several quiet places to read. There will be a small pond, and several places where there are trash cans and recycling bins. Also, there will be several small ice cream and crepe shops, for sugary comfort. Kids can play in several big open areas, and the trees will give it a calm aura. It will also have a bike rack, but no parking lot, to encourage earth-friendly travel.
Topher: I am designing a handy andy's in my neighborhood so everyone near cousin island can get good food.
Morgan: I am designing a gondola (the kind you would see on a ski mountain) path for the path through the woods to school from my neighborhood.
Lucy: I am designing a water park (with huge water slides and all that awesome stuff) near the middle school.
Karl: I am designing a bowling alley in the middle of town.

2. create a scaled drawing of your proposed design:
  • components of a scaled drawing - mark your scale, compass
  • determine your scale (HINT: measure a space with dimensions divisible by the dimensions of the paper - find similar rectangles!)
  • mark out a grid on the edges of your paper to use as a guide
  • draw, label, color?

3. Justify your transformation - what is its purpose and who will benefit?

Ben: This zipline will be benefit those comuters who are too extreme and intense with awesomeness to simply walk across a bridge to cross the royal river.
Walter: This complex will benefit all of the students and faculty (if they have a lunch break) of the Harrison Middle School that want to have a better time at recess time. Caution, it will be extremely fun.
Sarah: The community- especially kids our age, and it will also require some maintenance, offering some jobs.
Topher: To maintain the great atmosphere that is created at Handy Andy in town
Morgan: This will benefit the kids who walk to school through that path, so they don't have to be cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. It will also make a much safer and faster way to school.
Lucy: This will benefit Yarmouth because it will provide as new entertainment for Yarmouth and it will get more people to come to Yarmouth and visit.
Karl: It is built for the people who do not want to go far to get a good bowling experience.

4. share your drawing and justification with our Town Engineer, Dan Jellis

Sarah: mY rEFleCtiOn ❤
Morgan: My Reflection's Better
Lucy: My Reflection is DA BEST!!!
Ben: slayton reflection
Walter:Walter's World Reflection
Karl: https://docs.google.com/a/yarmouthschools.org/document/d/1O6eLVPNl-C22Ts_Ljz9O1U2yxk6tQ4OWLTcF8nTNyyw/edit?hl=en&authkey=CO6Um-QD#
  • REFLECT: (answer the questions below on a document and link it to this page)
  1. How well does your scale drawing reflect your vision?
  2. Does your scale drawing have all of the necessary components?
  3. Do you think other professionals (like contractors, the mayor, etc...) could use your drawing effectively to carry the project forward?