If I were to apprentice anyone with an architect. I like to build things and that career is something that has always interested me.

Miss Smith's Response: What would you like to design - homes, bridges, baseball stadiums, museums, skyscrapers....? I would build homes, skyscrapers or buildings. I don't particularly like museums, and bridges seem really hard.
Check out this site that shows pictures and shares facts about the world's tallest buildings:

If I were to apprentice an architect I would ask these questions.

How did you begin to have an interest in architect?
Is it a fun job?
Would you want to design a skyscraper?

I am doing the paper engineering challenge.
Miss Smith's Notes: What have you made so far?
What would you like to do as your final project?

I would like to make one of the star wars origami for my third piece and then I will fiddle around to see what my final project will be.

I am going to do a pirate ship for my final project.

Tall Buildings MOMA
Architech's Digest

*Speaking of architecture, here is an original design by Mike:


Mike is currently working on assembling a pirate ship make of paper....stay tuned!